Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mixed Media Thoughts #7 - Intuitive Art Journal Play

Hi there!

It's time for a new video in my series "Mixed Media Thoughts". This time I used an old photo of my beloved grandmother with her grandfather. When I was a child she always told me how happy she was when she could visit her grandparents. I felt like the same. The happiest place in the world was to at my grandparents home.
Unfortunately I lost her this year at the age of 90. Now I try to bring her back into my life by using some memories I found on the attic. I miss her so much.

xx Susanne.

Collage Paper
Acrylic Paint
UniPosca Marker
Viva Las VegaStamps!
Gel Medium
Tim Holtz Stickers

About this series:
I'm sharing some of my intuitive art journal spreads in this series. All videos will NOT be part of any Design Team work. I pick the supplies that I wanna use right in this moment.
Art Journaling is a very big part of my creative life. It means, I find time to get some mental relief, I write down the thoughts or quotes that are imortant for me.
Creating in my journal is also some kind of art practicing. I learn a lot about the different mediums, I am using, and I develope new ideas to use in prospective work.

Of course I will always give you a list of supplies. I know how frustrating it is, if you see a tool in a video and can't find out what it is. You will find the supplies in the video description.

I hope I can give you some inspiration. Art journaling doesn't have to be perfect!!! The result must have a meaning to YOU.
Your body needs movement your soul needs colours, patterns and words - no perfection!

If you are interested in the first video check out the playlist here.

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